Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Open Letter to My Son

Axe –

Shortly after you were born I was showing off pictures of you and your sister, which lead to a discussion of siblings close in age and then to a discussion of your brother, Doss.

In short, she said that you were your brother, coming around again. And while she meant well, I think that sells you short. You are your own person. You are special in your own right and I will never, ever think of you as your brother.

Let me give you a few examples:

Unlike your sister, you like to have a one-man party between 2-4am. You wake up, eat, and then coo and giggle and squirm. I don’t really mind the one-man parties, except I have to chaperone…

Two weeks ago, around your five-month birthday, you got your first teeth! The Squeaker didn’t get her first teeth until 10 months.

You giggle. A lot.

You like to sleep in our bed; your sister’s not a big fan. In fact, you have a habit that your mother has – when you sleep next to me, you get as close as you can. So I scoot over. And you scoot over. And we keep doing this until half of me is hanging off the edge of the bed and you are pressed up against me on the other side.

There are many more, but that’s not the reason for this letter.

At some point in your life, probably some where between the years of 16-18, you are going to say, “I am not related to these people…”

I am here to tell you – you are.

And if there is any question, the photos below should dispel it. The first photo is you at about four months… the second is me at three months.

Starting to notice some resemblances?

Even though you carry the visual stamp of your forefathers, we are not rubberstamps of the other. Just because I succeed or fail at something does not mean you will do the same. Or that you even have to do the same things.

You have a long journey in front of you and it will be filled with up and downs. I am going to try to be there to hold your hand as long as I can.

But, far sooner than I care for, you will have to walk down your own road, either by preference or by necessity. When that time comes, I hope our time together will help you make the right choices.

In the meantime, we’re gonna play games, go places, and do things, all in the name of fun.

And let me pass on one piece of advice… be nice to your sister. I know that right now she’s a little rough on you, but she means well. Very, very soon you are going to out size her (as I write this, you’re and she are both wearing size three diapers!) and you will be able to push her down. But don’t. It only comes back to haunt you.

I Love You,

Your Dad