Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Actually, on Halloween we just answered the door* but, the weekend before we went to our local amusement park, walked around and got free candy.

Yes, they loved it. Well, Squeak loved it; Axe just came along for the ride… since he called shotgun, he didn’t want to let it go to waste.

We also discovered we LOVE candy. To be fair, I actually knew that I liked candy… The Squeaker got her first taste. After three suckers, we had to hide the Elmo head bucket.

Next year Axe will be almost the age Squeak is now and Squeak will be almost three (YIPE!), so we’ll have to go all out and do a family group costume. Maybe the Wizard of Oz?

I do look good in ruby red slippers….


*Where I told the following joke to EVERY kid who came to the door:

"You want to see the best costume ever?"


Pointing to the dog, "That's my cat!"

And I'm still laughing...