Sunday, February 14, 2010

Squeaker-isms and the Return of the Muffle Bag

Long before the invention of the snack bag, my mother threw a handful of King Vitamin cereal into a thin sandwich bag to munch on during our car trips to some store or the longer rides from Ft. Worth to Dallas to visit my maternal grandparents.

For reasons unremembered by me and unknown to my mother, I labeled these travel snacks a “Muffle Bag.” Perhaps they were so-called because that was the job they accomplished – keeping my mouth busy so I was muffled. Although, quite honestly, I don’t know whether I was a jabber jaw or not. But no matter.

The Muffle Bag has made a glorious return in the Barron house and we use them when we’re going anywhere. In the morning when we’re heading to daycare, the bags are filled with cereal or cut up bite sized waffles. If it’s an afternoon trek, the snack might be crackers or Cheerios with a smattering of craisins thrown in for variety/flavor. The beauty of the Muffle Bag is that it’s snack agnostic.

The Muffle Bag is a big hit and has, in fact, been in use for a quite awhile – at least a year, maybe longer – I just haven’t written about them. I’ve been waiting to use it as lead-in for another topic, sort of a teaser for another piece. And in this case it’s the lead-in for Squeaker-isms.

Just as I had a penchant for naming things, The Squeaker has a knack for pulling new names out of the box. Here are just a few –

Mickeys – Ponytails. Not sure how this one came to be; she came home from Shell's (daycare provider) one day using it. When I ask about it, Shell assumed we called it that. Weird.

Zurt – Dessert. Pretty straight forward.

Paper Toilet – Toilet Paper. Seems to a simple transposing of words, but it's super-cute coming out of her mouth!

Water in My Eyes – Tears, Post-Crying. Also super-cute!

– of course, now that I put them down on paper I can only come up with four big ones. So that these sayings do not sink below the waves of memory into obscurity, I will make short posts with pictures and a Squeaker-ism when they come up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muffles was your name for King Vitamins (again, for no observable reason). So, of course if you put a bunch of muffles in a bag it becomes !presto! a muffle bag!!

2/20/2010 9:13 AM  

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