Thursday, April 19, 2007

What’s in a Name?

There are some name changes a foot here at How About Two?

My father, Duke, and his wife, Pin, are now officially Cappy and Grammy. These are names they chose, and will be the names that follow them the rest of their lives… kind of like your high school record.

The other name change is for The Squeaker’s newest cousin, previously known as Name-to-be-Determined-Later. NDL is now O-Pickle. And it’s a cute story.

Gunslinger has a friend at daycare named Dylan. As a term of endearment, Dylan’s folks often refer to him as Dill Pickle. So Gunslinger, in his infinite wisdom, started calling NDL O-Pickle. He assumes that pickle is what you call someone special.

Kinda like the way I thought a car's transmission had something to do with the horn because of the AAMCO commercials. This is an early '90s version, but the tag is the same from the '70s.

I wonder what he’ll think when his uncle orders a hamburger without pickles…