Thursday, March 22, 2007

It Only Seems Like It’s For Me

If you’ve read How About Two? for a while, then you know that P.Pie was made to be a mother.

And me? Well, I needed an excuse to buy toys.

Of course, infant toys aren’t much fun, and P.Pie doesn’t believe that Jorja needs a PS3. Fortunately, Gunslinger – who, at two, will be asking to borrow the car keys in no time - needs a few toys when he as at Auntie and Uncle’s house.

So I got him this.

The gun has this great "Rifleman" sound effect and when you shoot the targets (from up to 30 feet away!), the cans fly off the stump and the bottles break in half. What boy - no matter what age - wouldn't love that?

It even says ‘Gunslinger” right on it! Isn't that just perfect? If it had said “Squeaker” on it, I would have bought it for The Squeaker.

Of course, if it had said “Danger! Imminent Death if Handled!” with a scowling radioactive Jolly Roger, I still would have bought it.

I hope Jorja likes slot cars.