Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fun On Saturday

The Squeaker LOVES to get up early on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday, she’ll sleep until it’s time to leave for work (7:00-ish). But come the weekend, she’s up by 6am and rarin’ to go.

And this Saturday was no different.

Squeak was up at 6 and her pj bottoms were soaked. We ran out of our usual diapers and had to pick up a new brand and they do not keep her dry through the night (I won’t mention the brand name, other than to say it starts with a P and ends with an Ampers).

Anyway, I got her up, changed her diaper and brought her to bed with us, sans pants. We played. We wrestled. We laughed. By 6:40 we were out of Mommy and Daddy’s bed and on to breakfast.

I won’t bore you with a blow by blow of our entire morning, but suffice it to say that we went down early for our late morning nap, still sans pants.

When she woke, I found this –

Well, the picture doesn't do it justice, but




Apparently, before she went to sleep she pooped AND pulled her diaper off.

Of course, she was in the middle of it and covered.

Poop was everywhere. I grabbed The Squeak out of bed and toted her over to the changing table for an initial “once over” before we hit the tub.

And, yes… it gets worse.

Because she had removed her diaper and played in the poop prior to falling asleep, it had set up harder than concrete in August.

So I managed to pick some of the crusted poop off of her before soaking her in tub full of warm, soapy water and scrubbing her down.

So we have a new rule in our house…. if you’re you’re sleeping, you’re wearing jammies.