Monday, June 09, 2008

Greetings, Little One

Entering the world at precisely 7:32am and weighing in at 7lbs 15.6oz with a body length of 21.75in, please welcome Atticus to the world!

We arrived at the hospital this morning at 5am (which means a wake up call of 4am!), got checked in and changed into scrubs, then rolled up to the operating room. As par for the course, the temperature in the OR was just a hair above meat locker temperature.

After it we get into the OR, things move pretty fast. They strapped PPie to the table, put up a drape (to save me from seeing the gore) and got busy.

10 minutes later, a gooey, hairy, bloody boy popped out, peeing immediately on his mother and the doctor. They whisked him over to the Star Trek sick bay-esque warmer and cleaned him up.

As soon as they pulled him out, they all recognized the boy as a Barron. In fact, at first glance, he could have been The Squeaker (except for the boy parts, of course). While Atticus definitely bears the mark of his sister and brother before him, but at the same time he is uniquely his own person.

His blood oxygen level was a little low as was his blood sugar level. So we got to sit under the oh-two hood and had formula dumped straight to the belly.

After a couple of hours of oxygen huffing, we moved to the clean up area and then to mom’s room, which is where we are now, working on the nursing skills.

More to come!