Monday, May 31, 2010

Let’s Put a Smile on That Face

How about a prequel to Batman Begins? You know, a sort of Batman Begins Begins with Batman and the Joker as kids. And Axe as The Joker, of course.

The photo above was taken just the other day while eating the frosting off of the top of a cupcake, but before he fell out of the chair and onto the tiled floor.

There were tears, but in the end no bruises, cuts or scrapes that, years from now, he would have pointed to and said, "You shoulda seen the fall that caused this!"

He and his sister both are impossibly big, improbably old; In a single breath, they will swear they know it all, yet look on the wonderment of the toy aisle as if they were Lewis & Clark, the first to ever lay eyes on them.

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post.

I regularly have dozens and dozens of ideas for posts – a trip to the mall, the first taste of raw onion, a scraped knee - but the day gets away from me and it’s filed in the idea folder in the filing cabinet that is my mind. Writing is a skill that gets better with practice; it also atrophies from lack of use. This blog is not only meant to chronicle the kids’ life, but also exercise my writing muscles.

Enough of my grousing, here is a quick update on the kids –

They both had well-toddler check ups a couple of weeks ago and the doctor says they are progressing like champs! Everybody is healthy and well-adjusted, in spite of their oddball father. The Doc was particularly impressed with Axe’s vocabulary; like The Squeaker, his tongue is tied in the middle and loose at both ends.

There will be more updates. Soon. I promise.


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