Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No, We Didn’t Fall of the Face of the Earth

We had another child.

Two children in diapers. Two kids with limited language skills. Two humanoids with restricted abilities to care for themselves. So my time is a little…taken.

But, much like many of my readers, I have been chastising myself for slacking off on one of my favorite pastimes…motorcycle riding er, blogging. So, I have a ton of topics to expound on and I will seriously try to post AT LEAST once a week.

Or at least not once every six weeks.

Anyway, here is the first topic that I have “stored” in the vault (and started writing a month ago!)…

When Axe was born (over three months ago!), The Squeak was nearing 16mos and crawling. She was a speed crawler. Much like the Olympic sport of speedwalking, she moved her hips in a funky way and is faster than I can run…almost.

But still, it was only crawling.

Yes, she’d cruise on the furniture; if there was a line of couches from here to Texas, Squeak could cruise there. But ask her to walk (read: take her away from the support) and her knees would buckle like a cheap leisure suit and she’d crumple to the floor in a heap.

I thought something was amiss when, at her cousin’s house while playing with a “popcorn popper” push toy, she would walk behind the push toy. You’re probably thinking, “Well, the push toy was supporting her.” Not exactly.

If she came to an obstacle, she’d pick the popcorn popper up, walk around said obstacle, and continue on her merry way. But remove the push toy and down goes Squeaker, down goes Squeaker.

We were concerned (silly parents), so we took her to an orthopedic specialist. Said specialist told us her legs were strong and she should be walking anytime.

Two days later, she walked four steps. Day three, a baker’s dozen worth of steps. After a two weeks, we had no idea where she was.

Just kidding.

Now she walks everywhere; sippy cup in one hand, toy/blanket/personal item in the other. Sure, we have the occasional trip up (well, frequent, really), but she definitely has her legs under her.

Oh, and you should see Axe! He’s… in the next post.