Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not Sleeping With The Fishes

Merely napping.

I know, I know… where the heck have I been? Your emails have not gone unheard. Even sent me a warning… I found the head of Squeaker’s Radio Flyer’s Rock and Bounce Toy Horse was in my bed this morning.

I have heard you and your warnings concerns have not gone unnoticed.

Weekly posts are back! In fact, I think you’ll even see a post or two over at The Blog Fathers… you know, to keep peace in the family.

So a quick update about what has been keeping me away from ye olde keyboard –

Since entering the third trimester, P.Pie has had to stop almost all of her strenuous activity; including, but not limited to, picking up The Squeaker. Apparently I slacked a lot in the area of bath time (Squeak’s, not mine) and general picking Squeak up off the floor.

Work has offered me a promotion (which I accepted), but it doesn’t become official until June 1st. Between now and then, I’m basically doing both jobs… serving two masters with different goals. So yes, I’m doing two jobs for the price of one (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Anyway, look for another post this week, an update on Barron Baby C.