Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Sickly Weekend

The Squeaker and I shared a virus this weekend that came from daycare; the highlights include a low grade fever and upset belly, which for Squeak meant throwing up chunky milk and grape juice… sort of a purple cottage cheese.

I managed to dodge the throw up bullet and merely burped a nasty tasting sulfur/rotten egg taste. Really both are awful, but I haven’t thrown up since I was 17 (and that time involved alcohol, but that’s just between you and me).

So she and I spent the weekend laying low – just watching tv and drinking Pedialyte (well Squeak drank the ‘Lyte, I had water and juice).

We also played a few rousing games of Hi, Daddy. The rules of the game are pretty simple - player one says, “Hi, Daddy.” Player two says, “Hi, Squeaker.” And repeat. You may know the game as "Yes/No".

The Squeaker’s leading, 1,375,683 to 987,624. I’m planning a catch up strategy using a computer program written in basic –

10 say “Hi, Squeaker”

20 goto 10

(wow, that was really bad computer geek humor)

But I know my readership, you just want the pretty pictures; so here you go…