Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Does a Baby Taste?

Like chicken.

Just kidding. C'mon, you were thinking the same thing. It's funny. Get over yourself.

We are at 17 weeks (-ish) and I've been checking out what the fetuses (feti? fetus?-like moose, the plural is the same as the singular) are doing/learning at their given stage of development.

According to an article on the Discovery Health Channel, between 11 and 15 weeks a fetus will develop BOTH the sense of taste and smell. So this brings up the question, how do they taste?

Apparently just like an adult.

Again according to the aforementioned article, "By 13 to 15 weeks a fetus's taste buds already look like a mature adult's".


What's more, the amniotic fluid's flavor is influenced by the foods the mother eats.
Actually, that explains why they tell overdue women to eat spicy food.

The mom eats jalepenos and the baby freaks out, thinking "Water! Where's the water?!"

They leave the womb in search of a water fountain. Instead, they get a slap on the ass and hustled off by complete strangers with funny blue masks (actually, everything looks funny, you've spent your whole life in a womb).

I think that explains why they're crying.

They were tricked and they're going to be bitter about for a long time.

The things is, even if they'd gotten water, it wouldn't kill the burn.

Only milk will cut through the tang of spicy food. It takes years to learn that trick.