Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey, Check Me Out!

Couple of things…

I recently added some statistics tracking code to the site and some of the info surprised me; How About Two? is #3 (!) when you search for daddy blog on Google. How great is that?

Be A Good Dad is number one; Good on ya, Mike.

How About Two? is #1 when you search for big daddy dog corndog mix, but I question just how much traffic will come from that string of keywords.

Other interesting tidbits of information –

  • How About Two? gets nearly 50 visitors a day;
  • How About Two? has had visitors from Canada, Philippines, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Germany;
  • How About Two? has had visitors from Colorado, California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Michigan, Kansas, Alabama, Connecticut;
  • How About Two?'s biggest referrer is Child's Play X2.

Other news…

I’ve been invited to write for the Mother’s Of Multiples Society Newsletter. It’s not a huge circulation, but it goes a long way towards me becoming an ‘expert’ on twins.
All this, and the twins aren’t even born yet. Imagine how much of an expert I’ll be this time next year.