Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Cool Diaper Bag – Part II

40+ posts ago I blogged about a buddy who poked fun at the thought of me carrying a diaper bag. If you haven’t read it, go here.

It’s kinda funny and absolutely true. At the end of that blog, I promised a cool diaper bag.

Well, not a cool diaper bag, but a way to make a diaper bag cool. At least, I think it’s cool. [ed. note: I also think Coleco's '80s head-to-head football was cool.]

As previously mentioned, I belong to a motorcycle club. If you didn’t know that, or you want to tell me your opinions about motorcycles and/or clubs, first please read the original post.

Motorcycle clubs have a three-piece patch.

If you want the history of the three piece patch, read this post. I don’t ride with the club that put the information out, but it’s good, somewhat unbiased information.

The whole three-piece club patch thing got me to thinking… what if someone made a smaller, one-piece version?

A patch that could be sewn onto any diaper bag, displayed the sex of your child, and your state. Wouldn’t that be cool? I give you, the Diaper Bagger Baby Club patch!

(There is something screwy with blogger. The boy's patch should be blue. Damn blogger.)

But wait!

The coolness doesn’t end there!



And tons of other cool tchotchkes!

The initial design had a skull with a pacifier over crossed bottles, but P.Pie said that was too gruesome.

Anyhoo, what’s the consensus?

Would you sew something like this on your diaper bag?

Damn BlogSpot!

I have been jacking around with this stupid program since 6pm!!!!

All I want to do is upload a few photos and post some information! But it won't work! DAMN IT!!!!