Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank You

As I said at the beginning of this journey, I am surprised that I have not yet cried myself dry.

And that was true for today as well, but with one exception – we managed to cry a few tears of joy.

Your heartfelt thoughts and wishes truly made our journey a little easier. An enormous thanks to everyone.

Many of your comments started with ‘You don’t know me, but…”. Anyone who thought of, or said a prayer for, our Doss is not a stranger.

You are all friends; and dear ones at that.

Today we started the search for a funeral home. After the first call, we realized we didn’t have a ‘plan’. That is, we didn’t really know what we wanted; burial or cremation, public or private; etc, etc.

So we backed up a step and discussed what, exactly, we want for Doss.

Well, that is a good question; I won’t bore you with the blow-by-blow description of the conversation. The outcome is basically this – we wanted a public ceremony (many, many friends would like to pay their respects) as well as cremation (to keep him near).

The first part, about the ceremony, is pretty self-explanatory. But I should say a few words about the cremation part.

The short of it is that while we’ve lived in The Mile High City for six years, we may not live here forever. And with that in mind, I can’t imagine not being able to visit my boy whenever I wanted.

So with the decision made, we called another mortuary. They seemed to be amenable enough, so we went to meet them in person.

Let me just say this about that – it’s a lot like shopping for a new car; there are a limited number of places you can go and they know it. And then there’s the salesman.

Anyway, we decided on that place for the cremation.

Tomorrow, we talk to the church.

And finally, some folks have asked about Jorja. Not to worry, we are giving her lots of love. Here’s a couple of photoshoot snapshots.