Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Good Baby News

In all the excitement about P.Pie’s pregnancy, I think I have failed to mention The VP’s pregnancy. In my defense, this is a blog about the twins.

Anyhoo, Picasso & The VP (& Gunslinger, too) are at week 15, I think. I also think a little background is in order.

Picasso, The VP, and Gunslinger moved to the Mile High City just about a year ago. They were living and working in HB on the left coast. They were living the standard SoCal dream. Sort of. The American dream in SoCal does not, in my opinion, mean owning a house. It’s just too damned expensive.

So, having visited P.Pie and I, the three of them packed up and moved up in elevation. It was a gutsy move on their part. No jobs, no friends, no family. Well, we’re their friends & family, but we’re kinda useless.

Anyway, in under a year, they’ve both found rockin’ jobs, they bought a house, and now they’re having another boy.

So, when we travel as a group (which we seem to do quite a bit of) we will have four adults and four children. The breakdown will be five males and three females, so at least the testosterone will be well represented.

Although, Twin A could become a serious tomboy or really spoiled.

Either way, I’m pretty sure that all three of the boys will be chasing Twin A’s friends.