Monday, November 05, 2007

That Dust Bunny Looks Familiar

It’s official; The Squeaker is mobile.

Yes, we've been inching to crawling (really, rolling to crawling) for sometime, but in the last ten days or so, we have gone to the true crawl. It's something like a soldier crawling under barbwire, using elbows and feet to propel her along on her belly.

So she’s mobile and likes to be under the couch.
Fortunately, her head is too big – or the couch is too low to the ground – for her to fit under it head first. If she could, we’d never get her out of there.

In fact, I have visions of the future…

“Have you seen Squeak?” P.Pie would ask.

“Nope,” I’d reply, looking up from working on my latest post. “Did you check under the couch?”

“Of course!” She’d say, laughing at her forgetfulness.

At first, it’s cute and funny - we take pictures and tell friends.

But as the years wear on, she begins spending more and more of her free time under the couch. We have to tell her to “TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC!” and threaten to take her phone away.

When she’s mad at us, she stomps into the living room, throws herself on the floor and slides under the sofa.

Eventually, we catch her either a) sneaking out from under the couch late at night, or b) having her boyfriend under the couch.

Either way, we will be forced to sell the couch and replace it with several highboy stools.

I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it.