Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sickness, Birthdays & a New Favorite Toy

The Squeaker is back and better than ever! We spent two nights in the hospital and then week at home breathing oxygen when she slept. But she is now off the O2 and just being Squeak.

For those of you who are regular readers, you may have noticed that the twins’ birthday was several days ago and I wrote nothing about it. Due to The Squeaker’s illness, we decided to cancel our party plans (a party at a children’s habitrail place) and just do a small family thing at Auntie & Uncle’s house.

Auntie made a FABULOUS cake, fit for a princess, and Squeak opened a bunch of presents.

Squeak got socks, a couple of puzzles, some Lego Duplex, a few outfits, and a magic drawing board (you write on it and then pull a lever and it wipes it clean). But her favorite present – and new favorite toy – was a child sized umbrella stroller.

The little pink stroller has held all of her babies, including Elmo and Cookie Monster, and has served as a napping place as well as a feeding station for the aforementioned toys.

She pushes it in her room.

She pushes it in the kitchen.

She pushes it in the living room.

She pushes it in the front yard and in the back yard.

Sometimes she even pulls the stroller, dragging it on its side, babies still safely buckled in.

I suspect this toy will be with us for some time to come. Good gift giving, Auntie.