Monday, February 05, 2007

Sympathy for the Devil’s Food Cake

If during a twin pregnancy the mother is expected to gain 50-60 pounds, how much is acceptable for the father?

Prior to being pregnant, I had read about male ‘sympathy weight gain’ during pregnancy and laughed it off as pure, USDA, grade A hooey.

Okay, I actually still think it’s a bit of bologna.

It’s not really sympathy weight gain. It’s really more a case of there being a lot of available food in the house.

And if there’s food around, I’m going to eat it.

I have always had a bit of a yo-yo weight issue; it was at its worst when we lived in Austin (Austin has some AWESOME food… and lots of it). But when we moved to Denver, I got it back under control. Until now.

The onslaught of pastas, breads, snacks, sweets… it’s been hell. Sort of.

I’m sure once the twins come, I’ll get it back under control. After all there won’t be time or money for eating; just feeding babies and changing diapers, right?

Seriously though, anyone else gain a couple of pounds along side the pregnant wife?