Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby News

Dentist visits are stressful.

No matter how much you brush, floss, and rinse, you still feel pressure that you haven’t done something right.

And then there’s all the poking, prodding, and multiple people’s hands in my mouth.


In fact, all doctor visits stress me out on some level.

I can’t imagine how P.Pie puts up with bi-weekly exams, but she does.

Although, from now until the C-section, she has to see the Doc every week.

But, you probably didn’t come here to hear me talk about doctor visits; you probably want to know how the twins are doing. [drum roll, please] So, with out further ado, on to the twins.

In short, they are completely fabulous, totally healthy, babies.

BarronGirl Twin A is approximately 5lbs 10oz and BarronBoy Twin B is 4lbs 12oz. According to Doc Tres, P.Pie is super-healthy and she sees no reason to put her on bedrest. If P.Pie were to go into labor tomorrow, Doc Tres would do nothing to stop it.

We are cleared for take off.

[ed. note: sorry for not scanning the ultrasounds, but they were pretty boring and very hard to make out. You know if the proud papa is saying that, it’s got to be dullsville.]

Photo Monday... on Tuesday

Welcome to photo Monday... on Tuesday!

Week 34 pics show an ever growing P.Pie belly, which means growing twins. Today is an ultrasound appointment, so I'll have some new stats to report tomorrow - height, weight, and perhaps a picture or two.