Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lessons From Our First Christmas

Well, our first Christmas with The Squeaker was a rousing success.

And probably our easiest.

If you watched your local news – specifically your local weather forecast – then you probably noticed that the Colorado received some snow. Initially, the majority of weather prognosticators said it was a slim chance of a white Christmas. The local ABC affiliate went out on a limb by intimating that we might, might see 1”-3” of snow.

Six-plus inches of snow later, we had a very white Christmas. Of course, that much snow makes it a pain in the ass to get around.

Or to get to your sister- and brother-in-law’s house.

But we did manage to get there and were warmly greeted by The VP, Picasso, Gunslinger, O-Pickle, and P.Pie’s mom, Nana (formerly known as The General).

I should point out here that I started to write a long post about the pony The Squeaker got as her big present, but she wasn’t really into the pony, so we had to get rid of it.
And that would be why she could never have another pony, so don’t ask thank you very much.

I’m pretty sure she’d see through that in a New York minute.

Anyhoo, we torn open a few presents and had some breakfast before tearing open more presents. After that, we opened even more presents.

Squeak raked in the toys & the clothes as any 10 month-old should. The best present she received by far was a 46” flat panel, 1080i, hi-def television.

Okay… that’s not completely true either; the tv was the gift that P.Pie & I gave ourselves.

But it’s funnier the other way.

Next year, Squeak will be nearly two and have much higher expectations about the season of giving and receiving. Especially, I imagine, the receiving.
PS - has anyone noticed the metal twist ties they're using to weld tie toys to the box?! Seriously, I had to get a pair of tin snips to get some of the toys out!