Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey! Are Those For Me?!

We have hit the week 16 marker today. Perhaps it happens on Thursday, I can't really remember.

I wouldn't actually admit that to P.Pie's face. It's like getting home from work and your wife has done something extra special for you. Your immediate response is - WTF?

Then it dawns on you - it's your anniversary.

Your secondary response is to lie.

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of knee-jerk reaction built into the genetic code back during the earliest hominids (or suspected hominids), Orrorin tugenensis, to make sure (ala Darwin) you were able to reproduce.

In fact, if she reads this admission, I'll swear it was literary license and abruptly change the subject.

Week 16 has brought on a number of physical changes. She has developed a very cute paunch which has forced her into maternity clothes fulltime. From the front and side views, she looks pregnant. From the back, not so much. She seems to be carrying all the added weight in the front, which her mother says is an indicator of boys.

I'm a little skeptical of that one, but we’ll see.

The desire to place my hand on her stomach is almost non-stop. Like a Buddhist at…


...what do Buddhists call places of worship? Hall? Church? Synagogue? Temple?

Temple sounds right.

Back to the metaphor.

Like a Buddhist at temple, I just want to rub it while thinking happy thoughts. Not actually thinking happy thoughts, something more akin to happy thoughts manifesting themselves within my serene mind. (How's that for a Buddhist saying?)

Another area of rapid expansion is, well… never mind. They hurt all the time and I've been told they're not for me, so just skip it.

Other than that, this is a great experience.