Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do You Have a Nickname for Yours?

There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of different names around the world for the pacifier.

In the UK, it’s a dummy; Ireland, a soother, Mexico, a chupita, in Russia it’s a sosa and here, a pacifier. But it doesn’t stop at just ‘pacifier’.

They are also known as a suckie, a pappie, a pacie/soothie/nuk/nukkie/binky (although, the last three are actually name brands, or variations thereof) and many, many more.

We’re trying to call ours a fire because, well, I think it’s kinda hip and different. Although, truth be told, paci seems to be a close second.

We originally tried not to use a pacifier at all.

Not because we were worried about infant latex allergies, problems with breastfeeding, or altered brainwaves, but because we didn’t want to break the habit down the road.

From what I’ve read perusing several parenting blogs, it seems to be akin to breaking a nicotine addiction. The kid is grumpy, cries a lot, gains weight and has trouble sleeping; which is exactly what happened to me when I quit smoking.

Of course, the plan to not use a pacifier went out the door the first night we had her home. P.Pie fed her and we put her into the co-sleeper. She fussed, so P.Pie tried to feed her again; as soon as the nipple was in her mouth, she was asleep.

We put her back in the co-sleeper. And she started to fuss again.

Two hours later – sometime around two in the morning – I was ordered into the baby’s room to find, open, and wash a brand new pacifier.

Ahh, the best laid plans of the inexperienced parent.