Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Wrap Up and the Time Draws Nigh

Not a whole lot to write about, post-xmas.

The 2+ feet of snow we received pre-Christmas is being to recede, just in time for another 12-15” storm coming our way.

I swear it never snows this much in the city.

Picasso, The VP, and Gunslinger all went west for the holidays to see The General as well as Picasso's dad, Braque. So P.Pie, the Twins, and I were alone Christmas morn (if you can call that alone).

Fortunate we have lots of friends and visited many of them during the day, and wrapped up the evening at a home serving roast beef, crab legs, and champagne.

All in all, it was a good day.

Other news -

Our master bedroom bath remodel is nearly done and they’ve started on the front bath. The office is still the office (but needs to become the nursery) and the spare bedroom is more a catch-all for the crap that I need to keep in the house that was/is in my office.

And it’s week 29.

Where’d all the time go? And how am I going to get all this done in time?

PS The hard to see dog at the bottom of the photo is Merfus - Picasso & The VP's dog, on loan for the holidays.