Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Health & New Skills

Thanks to everyone for wishing Squeak well. She had 25 breathing treatments over the course of a couple of days and was her old (young?) self in no time.

Since the illness, she’s picked up a couple of new skills –
  1. Pulling herself up on a number of things
    Pretty self-explanatory, but worthy of note is her favorite item to pull herself up by – the dog feeder (a large bone-shaped food holder with a removable food and water dish). I think this has as much to do with The Beej as it does with pulling herself up.
  2. The beginnings of a new word
    She’s got the Ma and Da down (of course, you could argue that they’re simply monosyllabic vocal exercises of someone learning a new language… but why hurt her parents’ feelings?) and that’s sort of a no brainer; and the new word is also a proper name, but I think it qualifies as a new word.
  3. Squeak will pick up The Beej’s chew rope, hold it over her head and say, “Beeeeeeeeeeee.” Beej will hop off of the couch/chair/bed, come over and grab the toy and return to his resting place. She’ll crawl over and try to take it back.
    The Squeaker and Beej are definite BFFs.
  4. If she cries hard enough, she might get what she wants
    Yeah, we’re nipping that one in the bud.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg; she’s getting so big, we’ve had to lower the crib to its lowest setting. She’s fast on all fours – so fast we can’t turn our backs for a minute. She’s feeding herself; so much so that it’s almost all she’ll eat.

Anyway, changes abound… stay tuned!