Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Five Easy Pieces

Mademoiselle Becky has tagged my with listing five odd things about myself. Only five?

  1. I collect pint glasses.

In and of itself, it’s not that weird. But I steal them from bars and restaurants. Don’t go to a bar with me if you don’t want to see me snake a pint glass.

  1. I only wash my hair every other day.

It’s almost down to my waist… I just don’t have the time. As a side weirdness to this one, I use way more product on my hair than any two women.

  1. I’ve been married before.

I was young and stupid and it was literally decades ago.

  1. I’m a stickler for the spoken word.

There are no such words as –

Irregardless (the word you want is regardless)

Supposebly (it’s supposedly)

Twice-t or Across-t (I have no idea why some people need to put the extra ‘tuh’ or ‘duh’ sound on the end)

Card Shark (there’s no such thing – it’s a cardsharp)

…and that just the tip of that iceberg

  1. I have a self-diagnosed minor case of Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder.

My OCD manifests itself in my need to be on time. At first blush, this doesn’t sound so bad. Except that everything I do revolves around being. on. time.

If I’m meeting folks at, say, a bar, I’m the first one there. If I’m going to meet a client at their office, I arrive at least 20 minutes early and sit in my car in a parking lot around the corner.

The more important the event, the earlier I am. And I start worrying about being on time hours before the event.

And if I’m running behind (if I’m right on time, I’m late), I become an unpleasant bear to be around.

That’s it. At least all that I’m willing to admit to.

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