Sunday, July 05, 2009

She’s a Big Girl Now

Back in October, I mentioned that we were “easing” The Squeaker into potty training. I made it sound like we ordered her pre-potty trained from the factory.

Had that been a choice, we certainly would have taken it… but such was not the case.

During the intervening nine months, it seemed that with every two steps forward there was at least one step back. Fortunately, that still leaves a net gain of one step forward.

Today, all those single steps finally paid off; Squeak spent the day in real big girl undies! Well, not a real BIG girl’s undies rather, real panties like a grown up girl!

We’ve been at the Princess Pull-Up stage for a number of months, and it’s been sort of hit & miss – dry days, wet nights; wet days, dry nights. No real rhyme or reason, but we didn’t want to give her a complex about it. We simply praised her when she succeeded and poo-poo’d (no pun intended) the accidents.

But in the last week or so, Squeak had dry days and nights. The clincher happened at a friend’s July 4th party; Squeaker stopped us in mid-revelry and said, “I need to potty.”

This is a huge step. Normally when we’re out, she tells us she just went potty. In her pants.

But given the fact that the previous few days had been relatively dry, we decided a day of real panties was in order. In the interest of full disclosure, we did have an accident early on in the day in the backyard. But it taught her a valuable lesson – peeing down your leg is NO FUN. We stripped her down, cleaned her up and put her in a fresh pair of panties.

And I’m proud to say that we didn’t have a single accident the rest of the day.

We drove multiple miles and went to several stores and had no “accidents”. More than once we did have to RUN to a bathroom a time or two, but every time The Squeaker warned us of the impending event.

With a successful day of dryness in real panties, Squeak is sleeping in Princess Pull Ups tonight and tomorrow we’ll try for another day of dryness.