Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well, That’s an Odd Sensation…

Every day is something new when you’re pregnant.

Today we had our first movement from the one or both of the twins.

This is certainly an exciting turn of events. Our little ones are expressing themselves by twisting and turning within their individual sacs, as well as within the overall space, known as the womb.

By now they are exploring the space, as well as realizing that there is another little life form within the womb. They may not be aware of it, but this other life form will be the person they are closest to in life.

They don’t always have to like each other, but they are more like each other than anybody else in the whole wide world.

Genetically speaking, they are closer to each other than they are to either parent or any other family member. Physically speaking, they are definitely in cramped quarters.

I am, to say the least, in awe. Here again is another reminder that I am going to be a father. Even writing the word ‘father’ sends chills down my spine.

Anyway, P.Pie called me to share the moment she felt the movement.

Her mother, The General, is in town for Gunslinger’s second birthday (a huge blast, I may cover it manana) and to help us, well, to help us get ready.

The General is great to bounce ideas off of and to give helpful hints in expecting twins (P.Pie’s brothers, Eeyore and Dog, are twins).

In any event, P.Pie and The General were shopping for cribs/clothes/strollers/ad infinitum when she called. There was a new twist; what she described as a brief moment of bubbly unsettledness in the upper portion of the stomach. She said the top twin twisted, pushing a fluid/air mixture around and coming to rest with a firm part of its developing body resting just below the center of the inverted ‘V’ of her ribcage.

What are they doing in there? Is the larger of the two picking on the smaller one? Is the smaller one antagonizing the other?

Perhaps they’re setting up shop, “this side of the womb is mine, that side’s yours” kind of thing.


Of course, it could just be a gas bubble from the spicy Mexican food we at last night at La Loma’s.

(but I want it to be the kids expressing themselves)