Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fatherhood, It’s More Than Just a Way of Life

Now it’s also an online magazine called!

By fathers, for fathers, is designed to help both new and experienced dads with tips, tricks and ideas; not only from’s staff, but also from their readers through forums and online discussions.

Based in upstate New York, runs in true startup fashion – its founders and editor-in-chief all hold day jobs. But the small staff are all fathers and share in the belief that the role of fathers is an important one that is meant to be shared with other dads.

They also have a "spotlight" article that highlights someone in the daddy blogger community who thinks is noteworthy.

Yeah, you guessed it… I’m the spotlight dad for February! (it will be be up Monday, the 18th)

So if you didn’t already know enough about me, now is your chance to head on over to and read just a little bit more.

In fact, make it a regular stop on your perusal of all things dad; you might just discover something new!