Thursday, April 26, 2007

Revolving Front Door

Given the number of people coming to the house, I should really get a revolving door installed.

This weekend my pregnant sister, her hubby, and her nearly two year old son that I lovingly call the Prince of Wails will come for a long overdue visit.

So now, I’ve got to keep them entertained for 36+ hours.

Mind you, I want them to come. They have been threatening to come for three years or so and have gotten as far as buying tickets a couple of times.

But this time they swear they’re coming.

I will believe it when I see the whites of their eyes.

Beyond doing my favorite thing when guests are in town – taking the Coors Brewery tour – I have no real idea what we will do.

Normally we’d do a little spring skiing, but my sister’s pregnant, she’s got a toddler, and we have an infant. So that’s out.

6-10 years ago, we’d drink like fish and party ‘til we passed out. But at my age, I hate hangovers. Plus, see above.

And just for giggles, on Monday I’m getting a crown for a molar that, four months ago, the dentist said was cracked. It broke last week. Why do I put stuff like that off?