Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Class is Cancelled

Today was my Fathering class.

The class was buried in the basement of the Rose Medical Center – a medical complex in North Central Denver.

So after hunting for the location – a cafeteria dining room – for 15 minutes, I stumbled upon a room full of tacky laminated tables and men that looked vaguely lost.

My question of ‘is this the fathering class?’ was met with a number of mild nods. The clock on the wall said it was 10 ‘til the class started.

At 15 after, I stood up and said, ‘I’m treating this like a college class. 15 minutes and no professor, no class.’ And left.

Seriously, I would rather spend the money/time being a better birthing coach than learning how to change a diaper.

After all, I’ve got a lot of Gunslinger experience.