Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh Yeah, Pick Up Some Crawling While You’re at the Store

The weekends at the Barron household are filled with trips to the Home Depot, Costco, and Bed Bath and Beyond… if we have time.

Sunday before last Sunday was a Costco run. We don’t go to Costco every weekend. After all, how often do you need a 55 gallon drum of mayo or 10,000 disposable razors in a giant vacuum packed clear plastic case?

After picking up the necessities, we jumped into the “short” line – and by short, I mean less than 50 people.

When you first get into the short line, you think, ‘Wow, what luck!

Note to self: the shortest line at Costco is the same thing as the shortest line at the DMV – it’s not truly the shortest line.

Sure, there are fewer people in the line, but the line moves at a glacial pace.

There is something inherently flawed with that line; either it’s broken and no one’s telling you or it’s not the line that can help you. Maybe it’s the “500 item and under” line. Maybe it’s the “no coupon” line.

Whatever. The line never moves, but you don’t get out of it because it. might. move. That and you don’t want to get into another line.

Anyhoo, when you’re stuck in line, you start making small talk with the person in front of you.

The cart in front of us had a nine-month girl eating Cheerios by the handful. Obviously she was bigger than The Squeaker (age related bigger, not poor eating habits bigger) but she was no where near as cute as Squeak (well duh).

P.Pie started making baby talk to the Cheerio baby, which lead to adult talk with the dad. He gave us her vitals, and out of politeness, asked the same of Squeak.

We swapped stories – he sharing the mess they cause when they start to crawl, we, new skill of eating semi-real food – and the dad said (fairly off-handedly) ‘oh yeah, she started crawling at around six months.’

When someone tells you about their child’s development stage, deep down (or maybe not so deep down) you worry about your child’s development.

We didn’t need to worry for long. Or we won’t have to worry for long.

Once at home on the floor, The Squeaker put her butt in the air and rolled/pushed herself forward.

It’s not a true crawl just yet, but can asking for the car keys be far behind?