Thursday, February 08, 2007

Name That Baby!

Having twins is a great opportunity.

The unique nature of raising twins is a blessing that is not offered to everyone (nor is it for everyone). Watching two lives mirror each other, yet separate, as they grow - quickly I’m told - into two individuals.

Well, I’m just awestruck with the responsibility.

While there is a lifetime of opportunities ahead, both great and small, I’m focused on the first opportunity.

Naming the twins.

There are some boy/girl names the just leap out at you – Adam & Eve, Samson & Delilah, Fred & Ginger, Bonnie & Clyde, Luke & Leia, Lucy & Desi, Bogart & Bacall, George & Gracie, Caesar & Cleopatra, Ebony & Ivory, Cloak & Dagger, Beau & Arrow, Ali & Frazier… but I digress.

If we had had triples, I would have insisted on naming them Land, Oil, & Railroad (Barron, get it?).

Of course, P.Pie has no sense of humor a cooler head than I, so we had to come up with names that were more… original. I discussed several options early on in the life of the blog here.

Now, with just 11 days to go, we have decided on names. Well, sort of. And this is where you come in.

We are stuck on a middle name for Twin B, the boy. We have picked out several that we like, but can’t agree on one. But hold your horses before you wade in with suggestions – there are a few provisos and quid pro quos.

Because my father and grandfather both had first and middle names that started with D, we chose to continue the unofficial tradition.

So, without dragging it out even more, here is his first name - Doss.

Doss was my grandfather’s middle name. A popular name at the turn of the last century, it has all but dropped out of use in the last 80+ years. Perhaps it will be popular again.

Now that you know the first name, here are your choices of middle names – Decatur, Doyle, Denton, and Donovan. Put them together, roll them around in your mouth, say them out loud.

In all fairness, I’m not going to tell you who favors what name. I wouldn’t want to sway you one way or the other.

Okay, that’s it. The polls are now open; vote for your favorite now.

[ed. note: I will share Twin A’s name with you soon.]