Sunday, January 14, 2007

456 Months Old

I am 19,972,800 minutes old (give or take a couple of hundred minutes) today.

P.Pie and I went out to dinner to celebrate the moment.

Because we are getting close to the end of our pregnancy, P.Pie can no longer fit in a booth.

As we sat at our table in the middle of the restaurant, I saw the waiter approaching from beind P.Pie. She was talking about work or some such and just as the waiter stopped at our table, I interrupted her loudly.

“Look, I’m only saying that your ad should have mentioned that you were pregnant.”

Tables around us hushed. People tried to stare without staring. P. Pie was mortified. The waiter was thrown off for the rest of the evening.

And I’m pretty sure he told everyone in the back. We got a lot of stares.

I’m going to miss opportunities like that.