Monday, August 06, 2007

More Firsts

In the world of daddy blogging, I could spend a decade of Squeaker’s life writing about nothing but firsts – first smile, first dress, first solid bowel movement

Obviously there are some firsts that are better left unmentioned. So you kinda have to judge what might be semi-entertaining to people not closely related to you.

I’m trying real hard not to whip out a barrage of dirty diaper photos that I have tracking The Squeaker’s first few weeks… for posterity’s sake, of course.

But, today was a monumental ‘first’; two of them, actually. The new highchair and the first solid food... well, sort of solid, anyway.

When I say new highchair, I mean we just set it up – it was a baby shower gift that P.Pie got before the twins were born. And until today, we didn’t need. To date, Squeak’s feedings have taken place in someone’s lap - either from a bottle or straight from the tap.

No more!

Today, we dine at the dinner table! And this evening’s featured entrée is rice cereal, loving mixed with warmed breast milk, served at a runny consistency.

Okay, it’ll be a while before we make the move to fulltime solids, but this was a big, big first.

And I could go on about how cute she was in her new highchair, or how her brow furrowed at the first taste of the rice/milk mixture, and I could go into graphic detail about just what a mess we made on this first feeding.

But I won’t.

Instead I’ll let the photographic evidence tell the tale -

What is this?!?

Hey, what are you doing with that rounded object?

It goes in my mouth? I love putting things in my mouth!

Well, mayby not ALL things...

Whadaya mean there's more?!?