Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Rise of How About Two

Growth is always good.

The twins are growing and on track to be close to - or at - six pounds at birth.

When yeast, hops, barley, and water are combined, it grows into beer.

According to people who track such things, the gross domestic product is growing.

And my waistband is growing. Okay, not all growth is good, but I can fight that growth.

And How About Two? is growing. In an effort to grow the audience I have been pitching the blog as potential fodder for print publications – newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, telephone poles… you get the idea.

Well, our local branch of the Mothers Of Multiples Society has embraced the idea of humorous, poignant, father-related content – particularly from a new dad of twins.

Okay, it’s not The New York Times, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Even a young printer’s apprentice and newspaper occasional contributor named Samuel Clemens grew to be a memorable individual.