Thursday, December 21, 2006

…I Needed a New One Anyway

This morning I woke to more damn snow a winter wonderland renewed.

The overnight winds and snow buried the work I had done the previous day. Since I do not live on a main artery street, we’re pretty much snowed in which means no getting out of the house.

So I suited up in my warm gear to re-shovel the walk.

About halfway down the walk, my lower back was tightening up on me. So I paused, stretched and continued.

By the time I got half the sidewalk scooped, the muscles between my shoulder blades were yelling at me.

Not a problem, I thought. Just givin’ the ol’ muscles a workout. A workout they desperately needed.

I finished the job and headed in for a hot cup o’joe with the morning news.

When the coffee was finished - and I’d seen enough Blizzard ’07 coverage - I tried to get off the couch to put my coffee cup in the kitchen. The key word here is tried.

My back – from between my shoulder blades to just above my butt – spasmed into a tight knot. I quickly gave up the idea of getting of the couch and fell back to on the sofa cushions.

I threw out my back shoveling snow.

Not snowboarding, not skiing, not having a snowball fight. Shoveling.

So I’ve spent the day trying to loosen my back muscles so I can get to work tomorrow.

I love snow.