Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frozen Wonderland or Post-Apocalypse Nuclear Winter?

Sorry folks, Denver's closed.

The scene outside our front door is one of wind-whipped snow drifts that come up nearly to my chin.

If you can get out of the alley, your car slips and slides down the road, looking for traction on snow covered streets.

If you’ve seen the national weather, then you know Metro Denver and all of the Colorado Front Range is being hammered by a massive blizzard.

I’m always amazed at how crippling a lot of snow can be to Colorado. Of course, when I lived in Texas, a little snow was crippling. And in the City of Angels, rain could be crippling. I guess it’s all relative.

I’ve taken the forced shut in opportunity to update the blog header with my favorite ultrasound, scanned back in November.

I tried to download a new blog template - something to give the site a new look and feel - but to get it where I want it will take a bit more effort than I can give it today.

The photos were taken by P.Pie as I staved off cabin fever by getting a jump start on shoveling the walk.

A foot of the white stuff so far, another 8”-10” overnight. Fun.

Let’s hope the twins don’t get antsy and want to show up early.