Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Follow the Bouncing Baby

The Squeaker suddenly finds here vibrating bouncy chair blasé. It rocks, it vibrates, it even has giraffe rattles… what more could a five month-old want?

Apparently, five month-olds need a little more variety.

From the get-go, the bouncy was Squeaker’s go to toy.

Tired of playing on the floor?
Hit the bouncy.

Can’t sleep?
The bouncy’s better than the best sleeping pill.

Try the calming effects of a bouncy chair.

Tummy gas?
Bouncy is the cure for what ails you.

Really, the bouncy is the perfect toy; no matter what’s going on, the bouncy can fix it. Unfortunately, a growing girl needs new distractions. Truthfully, she needs more interactive items so we purchased a personal mega-jumper.

Initially we looked at the Baby Einstein® exersaucer; it was nice, but a little over the top when it comes to stuff to do.

I have a mild case of ADD and I thought there was too much going on - bells, whistles, springy-things, noises, buttons, wheels, and a dozen other things.

We chose the Rain Forest Jumperoo for a couple of reasons – number one, it wasn’t overloaded with stuff. A couple of buttons, a spinny thing and two overhead mobiles, not too little, not too much. Number two, there are three height settings. On the lowest setting, The Squeaker’s feet touch the floor.

And most importantly, she loves it.

Still, in my mind the bouncy chair is the baby equivalent of a La-Z-Boy recliner… and you don’t give up the recliner. Unless, of course, there's a new recliner with a built in Xbox 360.