Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sit Up and Take Notice

Just over a week ago I wrote about our pediatrician’s admonishment that The Squeaker should be sitting up.

Let me just say what a difference a week makes!

Squeak is an upstanding – well, upsitting – member of society. It was a pretty easy transition; we simply did what the doc told us – set The Squeaker up and put a few pillows around her.

The pillow back up was a short lived safety device. We only used it the first time and she didn’t even need it. Her back is as straight as an arrow and she’s rock solid steady. It’s like she’s been doing it her whole life.

Of course, she still shows signs of beginner-itis…

She hasn’t quite figured out how to get down from sitting up. We’ve had the hard fall over and the hard fall back (two of the former and one of the latter), all three of which produced tears.

Currently her preferred method of getting back to the prone position is to lean forward until she’s folded up like a pocket knife, torso and legs touching (ahh, to be that flexible!), then slowly, slowly, rolling herself over until her legs pop out from underneath her.

So, long story short – our pediatrician was right.

And The Squeaker’s world just got a little bigger... and a little smaller.