Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We’re Off to See the Wizard…

Actually, not us, but P.Pie and a few of her friends. They had tickets to see the local performance of ‘Wicked,” leaving The Squeaker and I at home to entertain each other.

We started playing “Risk,” but after 45 minutes of play, she had me cornered in Greenland. But I had the last laugh; I swaddled her up and *bam!* she was out like a light. I then proceeded to wipe her armies out and take over the world.

All's fair in world domination.

Last week was The Squeaker’s first week at daycare and she seems to be taking to it very well. The daycare provider, who we’ll call Mrs. Magee, says that she’s a well-behaved baby that hardly cries or complains… I could have told her that.

There is an unforeseen consequence of daycare. The Squeaker grows during the day. She and P.Pie leave in the morning and when they return, P.Pie looks the same, but The Squeaker is… changed. She’s either put on weight, gotten longer, or her hair has grown.

If her eyes didn’t light up whenever they get home, I’d swear they were switching babies on me.

[ed. note: sorry for the break in posts lately, we’ve got thing brewing here. I’ll cover it later.]