Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yes, it’s that time – the eve of the eve of the eve of the birth of BBC.

We are on the cusp of welcoming the newest Barron into the world. P.Pie and her mother, The General (aka Nana), are busy with sticks and twigs nesting the house up.

As they scurry about – sorting clothes, putting things away, buying new stuff, etc. – I thought I’d take a moment to share and interesting happenstance.

Neither my mother nor my father have taken a shine to the name Atticus. I imagine it’s because A). they haven’t met him yet (I think he’ll definitely wear the moniker well) and B). it’s not a run of the mill name… like, oh, I don’t know…Robert.

Anyway, all the nay-saying about the name had, for the briefest of moments, given me pause. Then I received a sign. No not a clouds-parting-hand-of-God-anointing kind of sign. Rather, a radio signal.

I was listening to a morning radio show on Sirius and out of the blue, the host started talking about the Atticus Finch character in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Now, if I was listening to the NYTimes' Book Review podcast, I might not have been too surprised. But this particular talk show host NEVER talks about literature.

So what does it mean, really? Probably nothing.

You can take it as a sign, or kismet, or happenstance, or coincidence, or whatever. But in my mind, it reaffirmed the name.

In for a penny, in for a pound as they say.