Monday, February 05, 2007

Sympathy for the Devil’s Food Cake

If during a twin pregnancy the mother is expected to gain 50-60 pounds, how much is acceptable for the father?

Prior to being pregnant, I had read about male ‘sympathy weight gain’ during pregnancy and laughed it off as pure, USDA, grade A hooey.

Okay, I actually still think it’s a bit of bologna.

It’s not really sympathy weight gain. It’s really more a case of there being a lot of available food in the house.

And if there’s food around, I’m going to eat it.

I have always had a bit of a yo-yo weight issue; it was at its worst when we lived in Austin (Austin has some AWESOME food… and lots of it). But when we moved to Denver, I got it back under control. Until now.

The onslaught of pastas, breads, snacks, sweets… it’s been hell. Sort of.

I’m sure once the twins come, I’ll get it back under control. After all there won’t be time or money for eating; just feeding babies and changing diapers, right?

Seriously though, anyone else gain a couple of pounds along side the pregnant wife?


Blogger radioactive girl said...

I actually think it is pretty kind of fathers to be to gain weight too. My husband actually lost weight while I was pregnant (he lost 100 pounds). When we went places after I had the twins, first they said "oh, look at the babies", then they said "you lost so much weight" to my husband, and then they glanced at me.

I lost all my baby weight really quick, but it was nothing compared to how quick he lost 100 pounds, so mine didn't get noticed at all. I am proud of him and all, it is just that right after I had twins, I would have liked the weight comments to be for ME! About how good I looked! Anyway, spin it that way, and you are doing your wife a service by gaining right along with her. Just don't go losing it quicker than she does.

2/06/2007 6:45 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

I think my hubby gained a few lbs but nothing significant. I, on the other hand, gained enough weight for the both of us!
Okay, so it was only 70 lbs, but that is a lot. I lost about 47 of that in the first 12 days after birth. (most of it was water weight after all the pre-eclampsia). Only about 4 lbs to go to my pre preg weight, though! (and a few more to get to where I want to be! :D)
I know it's hard to resist all the food, but you are right. You'll probably lose it all back down if you are very much into the care of the twins! They keep you hopping, especially when you are flying solo... I call it baby juggling.
One baby is fussy, you get up, get that baby, calm that baby down. Just when you get that baby calm, baby #2 starts fussing. You call baby #2, and baby #1 starts again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Baby Juggling can be exhausting!! And eat while you can, because you and P.Pie may not get another hot meal for a LOOONG time after these babes are born hehe

2/06/2007 8:52 AM  
Blogger The Lockhart Family said...

I gotta be honest - I didn't gain any weight while my wife was pregnant with the Deuce.

In fact, I ended up losing about 20 lbs because I had a constant (and loud) voice inside my head telling me to work out.

In hindsight, my desire to get in tip top shape was instinctual - I knew that once the Deuce arrived that I would need as much energy and stamina as I could possibly muster to deal with them.

As for the "baby juggling" that crystal mentions...well, she's right!

Good luck with your twins!


2/06/2007 10:19 AM  
Anonymous LA Daddy said...

Yeah, you think that once they come it will go away. But it doesn't. Usually, because you're so busy and so tired, you tend to not eat all that well. You'll make any excuse to get fattening food delivered or to grab some fast food.

And going to the gym? Nah. Not gonna happen.

2/06/2007 11:27 AM  
Anonymous The General said...

My solution to juggling twins was to have two little girls first!! P.Pie(all four years of her) probably remembers carrying both little boys down the the steps into the family room because she thought Mommy couldn't hear them crying! all three ended up in a tumble ont he thick carpet at the bottom of the one step and thus began the bear cub wrestling matches. It was a great run and I would not have missed it for the world.

2/07/2007 10:18 AM  

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