Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Does An Itchy Belly Mean?

Why is it when you have a bi-weekly get together with friends – a night out, league night, 3-martini playdate - it takes FOREVER for those 14 days to crawl by.

But, when you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled every two weeks, they rush up on you like a V12 BMW on the autobahn.

And you’re driving a ’78 Chevy Monza.

With an inline 4-cylinder.

As you might imagine, today was that doctor’s appointment. Unfortunately, with all the snow days we’ve had in the last 2+ weeks, I was unable to go (gotta bring in the almight dollar).

In my defense, in over 30 weeks of doctor visits, this is the first one I’ve missed.

Fortunately, everything with the twins is jake. Twin A and Twin B are both breech, but that’s not a problem. Doc Tres says that if they’re still breech at the next visit, they’ll put P.Pie on the books for a C-section.

But, P.Pie herself has an issue or two. The main one being a belly rash.

This rash covers the upper part of the left quadrant of her belly, but it’s not terrible. it resemble a slight sunburn; when you push on it, the skin turns white and you can watch the outline of your fingers fade back to red shortly after the fingers are removed.

And of course it itches. Like crazy.

Does anyone have a good home remedy? Doc Tres said we could use Benadryl, but we’re both a little reticent about it. We’d prefer a homeopathic solution.

Something like an oatmeal bath or some kind of a topical rub.


Bueller? Bueller?


Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I think it is called Pupps. (Maybe pups?) In my third trimmester they let me take benadryl (the kind with no dye in it). It helped a little bit, you know as much as sleeping helps you not itch.

I am sorry to say that the cure seemed to be childbirth.

Hang in there P-Pie!

1/03/2007 9:10 AM  
Blogger Sudiegirl said...

I'd say oatmeal bath or oatmeal soap would be the best bet.

My sis' twins were breech too, and she had a C-section. What a coinkydink!

1/03/2007 11:24 AM  
Blogger Sandie said...

When I was pregnant with my twins I had a similar thing that I didn't think anything of. It wound up all over my belly and turned into little raised streaks everywhere. At 36 weeks I was admitted to the hospital to induce labor (fear of eclampsia for me . . .babies were fine) the doctor looked at me and said : "How long have you been suffering with this???!" It had been weeks of itching that I thought was just because my belly was so huge!

She gave me a cream to spread on it that relieved the itching immediately. She called the condition PUPs, though I don't know what that stands for exactly. I'm sure if you ask your doctor about it again, he or she can get you something. I wish I knew the name of the cream for you.

Good luck and hang in there! I know you'll think I'm crazy when I say this, but you'll miss this part in a few months!

1/03/2007 12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benadryl makes a spray on itch-lotion. Works like a charm! I used it when I was pregnant.

1/03/2007 4:33 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

If I remember correctly, my wife used Gold Bond Medicated Lotion. That seemed to help a little.

1/04/2007 6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually what works perfectly well is Baby Lotion with Camomile! I used it from my 15th week on and didn't get anything. I would occasionally itch and everytime I did, instead of scratching I'd straight away apply some of the Baby oil. It worked so well. The secret to not getting PUPPP or the rash or the stretch marks is to not scratch. If you scratch yourself you'll definitely get it. That is what my mom had warned and she was right!

7/02/2007 4:22 AM  

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