Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just a Big Ol' Bundle of Cuteness

Serious cuteness, of course.
This is just before bathtime. The studious look implies that she may not be so found of the idea.
The truth of the matter is that she loves the bath.
Well, she loves getting clean. We've been tag team cleaning her.
I hold, P.Pie washes. We've done it the other way, but The Squeaker is a also a squirmer, so it works best if I hold.
We wash her with a clothe and rinse her under the luke warm flow of the faucet. She loves that part; we think it might reminder of her time in the womb.
We tried filling the basin and giving her a true 'bath' the other day. Let's just say when it was over, nobody was happy.


Blogger radioactive girl said...

We never had a baby bath tub, I just used a mesh thing (I don't know what it was called) to hold the kids at an angle and put them in the kitchen sink. When they were too big for the sink, I took a bath with them until they were old enough to take one in the tub alone (with me sitting right next to them of course).

She is beautiful!

3/30/2007 9:09 AM  
Blogger M said...

Unsolicited advice... the reason she may have been unhappy after the immersion bath was that she was cold. We were told to soak a washcloth in warm water and keep it on our daughter's chest while giving her a bath and then keep her wrapped up afterwards. Apparently they are more sensitive to hot and cold than we are. I new we shouldn't have left that owner's manual in the hospital.

3/30/2007 6:57 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

She really is adorable! They do eventually adjust to the bath. All my first bath pictures have my newborns squealing with anger. Enjoy!

3/30/2007 8:19 PM  
Blogger creative-type dad said...

Oh how I remember those early baths. One of these days somebody will invent some baby purell.

It does get much easier. My kid won't even get out of the bath without a fight.

3/30/2007 11:54 PM  
Anonymous momto3cubs said...

Few things are more difficult that attempting to bath a tiny, wet, floppy, slippery, squirmy newborn.

It'll get better in a few months :)

4/01/2007 5:32 PM  

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