Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Love Technology

This face screams 'Video'.

Sure, we've got P.Pie's new phone, which offers a great video feature, but it's no full-on camcorder.

We need a new video camera.

We've got a great Sony Hi8 (not digital8), but converting the image to a digital format for editing and web use is a pain.

So I'm willing to bite the bullet and shell out some duckets for the perfect video camera. But what is the perfect camcorder? DV, DVD, or HDD?

I just don't know.

So I'm soliciting opinions; what kind of camera do you have? Are you happy with it? What feature do you wish you had? What feature did you buy it for and never use?


Blogger Jen said...

We have a digital camcorder that has been on the shelf since we bought the sony cybershot digital camera that has a video option. We use it all the time (until it fell in the water a couple of weeks ago, now we have a pentax w30 that is waterproof) We actually use and look at our little clips, and with the 8gig sd card we can record up to around 3 hours. Here is a little clip of our last outing in Portland (Made with the sony, that still works but dies quickly).


Hope it helps.

5/29/2007 11:21 PM  
Blogger Mikaila said...

I also have a digital camera that I use for video. Depending on the size of your memory card, you can hold quite a bit. I have a Canon Powershot A530 and I love it.

5/30/2007 9:49 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I too use my digital for video, it is the easiest. I had the Sony until it "disappeared" (I have teenagers now)and recently bought an HP. No gadgets necessary.

5/31/2007 8:51 AM  
Blogger Happy Working Mom said...

We have a Sony camcorder and will be buying a new one very soon. Hubby is techy, and he says hard drive all the way. It's so easy...you just drag and drop your images over like your normal digital camera. They now have high def. ones.

The DVD is not a good option for me because I like to take lots of short little snippets of video, but with DVDs you have to change DVDs each time you start it up.

Just my 2 cents!

5/31/2007 2:13 PM  
Anonymous golly/lolly said...

Yeph That smile needs to be patented....we should be able light whole third world countries with it!!!

6/01/2007 3:56 AM  

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