Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look Ma, No Panic!

Okay, maybe a little panic. JCPenney had their semi-daily, open-at-8am, can’t-be-missed-until-next-time, sale.

So we got up early – with a wake up call from The VP – and headed to the brand-spanking-new JCP north of the Mile High city.

My experience with early-rise sales is that it brings out screaming women who would rather knock you down and step on your bleeding carcass than miss the only buy-one-get-one sale of the week.

Interestingly, this sale did not have those kind of shoopers. In fact, there was hardly anyone there. I mean, the floor employee-to-customer ratio was probably 2-to-1.

I think this is due, in part, to the fact that this particular JCP was situated in an open field with freshly laid roads and not much else.

That, or JCP isn’t the hipster hang out I thought it was.

Anyway, you may recall that P.Pie and I had a bit of a panic attack at our first outing for baby stuff.

Well, we were still a little freaked, but we managed to get a few things, including diapers and wipes (thanks for the suggestion!).

We bought an equal amount of girl stuff and gender nuetral stuff, since Twin B has yet to *ahem* show the goods.

We’re making baby steps to parenthood, but at least it’s forward progress.


Blogger Sandie said...

I know it's so scary trying to prepare for the arrival of a baby and it's terrifying when you have to prep for two! You'll read lots of books and look through the myriad catalogs that arrive and make a 7 mile long list. In reality there is very little you'll need.

Diapers are most important. I see you purchased a small package there. With twin newborns you will go through an average of 16 diapers a day if they don't poop right after you've changed them. Start buying diapers in the largest box you can (I buy them at a club warehouse in boxes of at least 200). Start with newborn size. They will certainly fit your new twins. Same thing with wipes. Buy in bulk. They don't go bad and you'll regret it if you find you are all out.

Other than that I recommend you have at least three crib sheets if they share a crib and six if they sleep apart.

Same with blankets, three each.

Don't go too crazy with the outfits for newborns. I would get about a weeks worth of outfits for each baby, but no more than that. (That's about 10 outfits each because they often soil their clothes) When I say outfits I'm including those cute pajamas . . .
Remember they are only going to fit in these clothes for a couple of months and then you'll be shopping all over again.

If you plan on breastfeeding you may consider getting a breast pump. It makes it possible for mommy to have a few minutes of recoup time while daddy or grandma feeds a baby or two.

If not breastfeeding, start buying formula. Get a couple of cans of a regular formula with iron and DHA & ARA. Also buy a can of soy formula. You may never use it, but if your babies have tender stomachs you might want to try it and see if it soothes them. It's more expensive but worth having on hand when they won't stop crying at 3 am!

The last thing I recommend is getting one or two packs of cloth diapers. These are invaluable in keeping your clothes clean-ish when you are carrying two babies around who are going to spit up on you. My twins were particularly bad with that and we had 60 cloth diapers at the ready. I was washing those three times a week! Imagine changing your shirt that many times each day. They are worth it!!

Everything else (including a changing table)is extra. Sorry I went on for so long, but I hope I was helpful.


10/23/2006 12:28 PM  

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