Monday, February 09, 2009

Life on the (Sesame) Street

The Squeaker has discovered Sesame Street.

Specifically, she has found that lovable red haired, googly-eyed, mop topped monster affectionately know as Elmo. And while it’s better than a certain purple annoyasaurus, I am a little concerned with her zealousness for Elmo.

Whenever a muppet comes on the TV – any muppet (including most Star Wars characters) – she begins to chant “Ehmo! Ehmo! Ehmo!” and pirouettes around the room.

And then there’s the toy issue.

Every Elmo toy in her collection is hers.

Everyone else’s Elmo toy is hers.

Elmo is hers. If she could get to Sesame Street, she’d hang around on Sesame Street corners, frequenting Hooper’s store and writing a barrage of multicolored crayon scribbles professing her undying love.

And if that was all, hoarding Elmo toys and daydreams of living in a one room NYC-style walkup with Elmo, we’d be a-okay.

Unfortunately, her demeanor deteriorates rapidly when Elmo doesn’t appear on the screen - the chants become questions and the pirouettes turn into lumbering stomps, each thud of her tiny foot punctuated by angry denials.

The lower lip quivers.

Sadness turns to anger which quickly becomes tears of rage if we don’t divert her attention quickly with some bright, shiny object. It is a small window of opportunity and once the window closes, Katy bar the door.

Wailing and gnashing of the teeth ensues. Crying is certainly expected. Objects being thrown are not out of the question. Neither are wild arm swings.

I will say we are working on the ‘tude…

Two months ago, I mentioned that the terrible twos weren’t an issue for us. I may be rethinking that position… at least until the Sesame Street Police Department show up at my door with a restraining order for my daughter, the Elmo stalker.


Blogger Goddess in Progress said...

Oh my lordy. Elmo is like toddler crack. My kids are nuts for the little dude, especially my daughter. Points him out everywhere. Comes downstairs in the morning and smacks the TV... "Ehw-wo? Ehw-wo?" Krazy with a K. I mean, he's a nice enough monster. But damn. It was instant infatuation from Day 1. We better not get our kids together, or it'll be an Elmo catfight.

2/09/2009 9:04 PM  
Blogger Otter Thomas said...

I am afraid of the time when Braden finds Elmo. My nephew loves him. He has elmo toys everywhere and had an elmo birthday party. It almsot makes me sad that I watched Sesame Street without Elmo but more than that is scares the crap out of me.

2/10/2009 9:45 AM  

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