Monday, March 17, 2008

The Silent Revolution, Clothing Edition

There has been something of a change in clothes around our house; really, more a change in clothing style. Perhaps we should call it, The Garment Leap Forward.

Not my clothing, of course. I’m something of a clothes horse… albeit one that is destine for the glue factory.

I know that in another 10 or 12 years, the Old Curmudgeons’ League will be sending me my catalog. A catalog through which I can order clothes from my preferred decade for the rest of my life – long after they are even remotely cool and/or stylish.

There’s no such catalog, you say?

Where do you think your grandfather got his polyester, zip up jump suits with the built in adjustable belt and three-diamond crown logo over the left breast pocket? Did you think those just grew on trees? No sir. They came from the catalog and I’m getting mine soon.

Anyhoo, The Squeaker has slowly departed from the cute, solid colored onesies and has migrated to stylish, patterned two piece attires. It wasn’t like P.Pie & I went to the clothing store and said, “It’s time to get Squeak big girl clothes.”

In fact, I’m not real sure how these clothes came to be in Squeak’s clothing repertoire. I simply noticed the other day that we had gone a week without wearing a single onesie. Not a one.

From playtime outfits to nightwear - everything, it seems, has a top and a bottom.

Of course, now might be the time when I question where my baby girl has gone and what am I to do with this little girl that has taken her place?

But I imagine there will be lots of opportunities for such lamenting when she gets really big. Next month.


Blogger BritneyMarie said...

I know exactly what you mean! My twins are 8 months old and now we're starting to purchase some 12 month outfits. I was looking at them the other day wondering what happened to the days that the preemie outfits were too big for them! I'm not ready for this! :)

3/17/2008 10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of couse her clothing style has changed...You can't take over yjr world dressed in onesies!


3/19/2008 4:45 AM  
Anonymous Memphislis said...

Where are you these days? How is P Pie? Ready to pop?

4/02/2008 6:41 AM  
Blogger creative-type dad said...

Oh, just you wait until she starts deciding what she wants to wear...

4/24/2008 12:23 AM  

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