Thursday, November 30, 2006

Love For My Unborn

No this isn’t a post that makes a political statement. Rather, it is sort of a future letter to my children.

A few weeks ago, a past client of mine asked me to work on a new project. I have been busy and he wasn’t in a hurry so it has been a backburner project.

We met this evening to go over details; details led to catching up. Of course, for me, ‘catching up’ is a euphemism for ‘How are the twins?’

After the basics (stuff he should have gotten from the blog!), he asked if I felt a connection with the twins.

The question was innocent enough. He doesn’t have any children and I was ebullient in my descriptions of our pre-partum children. At the moment of the question, I thought, DUH.

Of course I have a connection with them. More than a connection. I love them. Even though they have been with us for less than 26 weeks, I can’t imagine life without them.

For me, they have little personalities; Twin A, originally the bigger twin, has been exerting her dominance as the first child (a true female Barron trait). B, well, let’s just say he’s going to be his Daddy’s boy (trust me).

I think about them all the time and I love them more than I love life itself.

I can’t wait to meet them.


Blogger Domestic Slackstress said...

My husband had a sticky time connecting with our three children (now ages 5, 3 and 2 ... last two might as well be twins) until they were born ... until they arrived real and in the flesh. Now they favor him over me any day. He's more fun and he's not the heavy. Nice to find your blog tonight.

11/30/2006 11:29 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

We read stories to the twins before they were born. From about 10 weeks on, I would read a few minutes of something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the Wizard of Oz to the kids before we went to bed. That really seemed to help me connect.

12/01/2006 6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, how about an updated picture of P Pie and the twins? We'd like to see how big they are all 3 getting. :-)
Pin & Duke

12/01/2006 9:03 AM  
Blogger Kila said...

Yep, you are already a Daddy! P.Pie is a lucky lady.

12/01/2006 1:09 PM  
Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

I was a bit superstitious. I made supreme efforts to not think about emotional attachments before L.A. Toddler was born. I didn't want to get too involved beforehand because I was sure that something would go wrong. Of course, it didn't work and I was still thinking about her all the time. She made me a worrying person and I'm usually not someone who worries.

12/01/2006 2:25 PM  

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